Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University


UNICEF resources on early childhood development

American Academy of Pediatrics

National Child Care Information Center

National Association for the Education of Young Children

Headstart Bureau

The Heckman Equation

Health Impact

Bedtime stories for young brains.
Kids exposed to more books and home reading show more brain activity.

Social Impact

Our Children Deserve Better.
They’re falling behind other countries’ kids. Do the presidential candidates care?

Gavin Newsom Pushes Big-Budget Early Childhood Education.
The two-term lieutenant governor has vowed to expand and improve early childhood education programs.

Investing in the Early Years Makes Sense.
Jennifer Garner describes the importance of home visitation for young children and families living in poverty.

New York City To Offer Free Preschool for All 3-Year-Olds.
The plan expands Mayor Bill de Blasio’s signature prekindergrten program slowly, starting in two districts next year.

To Help Kids Thrive, Coach Their Parents.

Adults can be taught to create an environment for success for their children.

Insufficient Pre-Schooling in LA County.

Advancement Project calls for improved access, quality, and affordability of child care in Los Angeles

Leveling the educational playing field for Latino kids.
Latino families could talk, play and interact with young children more to improve learning.

Economic Impact

The sooner the better.
Early childhood education is a key to lifelong success.

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