It all starts here.

No matter which issue you care about, it all begins with a healthy start in the early years.

Prenatal and early child development lay the groundwork for a lifetime of vitality and success.

Dollar for dollar, early childhood investments offer the greatest returns to society.

The Atlas Family Foundation believes in equal opportunity for all children to realize their promise.

We fund community-based programs that place individuals on a trajectory to health and success by serving the needs of young children and their families in Southern California.

Why it matters.

“Growing mountains of research suggest that the best way to address American economic inequality, poverty and crime is—you guessed it!—early education programs…” – Nicholas Kristof, [“Do We Invest in Preschools or Prisons”]

Regardless of the issue, interest or cause, research shows a profound connection to early childhood. And if we don’t place a deliberate focus on early childhood development, we will be limiting our ability to be successful in our society’s overarching goals.

Preschools or Prisons?

The school-to-prison pipeline starts in the earliest years of life. Children who are left out of quality early learning programs are 70% more likely to be arrested for a violent crime before their eighteenth birthday. LEARN MORE

Our Children Deserve Better

They’re falling behind other countries’ kids. Do the presidential candidates care?

Gavin Newsom Pushes Big-Budget Early Childhood Education

The two-term lieutenant governor has vowed to expand and improve early childhood education programs.

Investing in the Early Years Makes Sense

Jennifer Garner describes the importance of home visitation for young children and families living in poverty.

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